this is your INVITATION for a free creativity stoking, project building, idea hashing, dream realizing webstorming session: brainstorming using the web. we’ll meet on Vokle for an hour and be like your board of directors meeting. i’ll facilitate, keep time, be question asker of last resort and make sure you leave with 3 next steps. the first sesh will be tuesday 6 december at 3pm pst (that’s the pacific ocean behind lighthead in the photo) because it’s st. nicholas’ day, my dad’s birthday and a great time to get inspired. limited to 10 folks, so click on over to Vokle and rsvp (but only if you really mean it). rules of the road below.


ta da!

this is what your head will feel like when we're done!










webstorming is a brainstorming group for creative entrepreneurs (previously known as artists, but now embracing the business of being creative, heart-stirring and beautiful)

agreements of the transformative road:

  • leave with 3 next steps, commit to take them. bring back your report from the road. in exchange you agree to…
  • bring one bundle of inspiration = anything you are hatching, birthing, tending, growing, in any stage of development from nebulous stirring to marketing plan
  • honesty, honestly = about your joy, fear, sadness, motivation and obstacles, even if it takes backing up, revising and several takes to get it JUST right
  • focus = “i don’t know” not allowed, not as a final answer. feel it, find it, know it. that’s what we’re here for (on this earth and on this call)
  • all pockets empty = turn ’em out. put it on the table and give it a good look. if you can imagine it, it’s possible and it’s fair game for the group.
  • if it’s not yours, don’t use it. ’nuff said.